Ecnon Kings Court Noida

Ecnon Group, a known real estate organization, now has given you an excellent opportunity to experience luxurious style living with the launch of its new residential society, Ecnon Kings Court. It is first of its kind residential society being developed in entire Delhi-NCR region. Ecnon Group is a part of India’s finest industrial and infrastructural conglomerate. The company was started functioning in the year 1998 with the sole motive of taking India to the new heights of success. Since its inception, the company has been ventured in various fields, such as Cement Manufacturing, Sports, Educational Institution, Hydro Power and Real Estate sectors. Company’s annual turnover of Rs 350 crore tells the story of its grand success. Quality service and assured customer satisfaction are the two important objective of company towards which it has been striving since its inception.

This latest housing society is a great attempt of Ecnon Group towards the fulfillment of people’s demand of comfortable living. F1 Racing Track is located in the close proximity of this housing society. No such residential apartment has been developed in entire Delhi-NCR region before this housing society. Being a part of Jaypee Sports City, Ecnon Kings Court Noida enjoys great sports facilities. Here, a luxuriant Cricket Stadium built as per the standard of International Cricket Council (ICC), Motor Racing Track, Football Ground, Tennis and Badminton court etc are available. Sports lover would not get any other place better than this in order to fulfill their desire of playing their favorite sports. Moreover, a luxuriant landscape spreading across 6.6 acres of luxuriant land is also to be established here in the close proximity of Ecnon Kings Court Noida.

People who want to indulge with other activities apart from living can buy a residential property at this mega housing society. Limited edition family apartment positioned amidst natural elegance is a place where only comfort is served. Modern age home buyers will get everything they want at this new age housing society of Ecnon Group. Residential apartment here will be available in 1/2/3/4 BHK options. Moreover, the land area of the apartment has been decided to 720 to 2500 sq ft. These apartments can be booked at the price of Rs 2610 per sq ft. Each apartment is adorned with unmatched interiors, thus making it clear that never before living experience will be provided here. High-end facilities in the form of three tier security, 24X7 lift service, reserved parking area, well equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, utility store etc, are provided at Ecnon Kings Court Yamuna Expressway so that people can fulfill their need.
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Mahagun Mantra The Premium Hub of Luxury and Convenience in Noida Extension

Whenever the tale of Noida’s real estate development is said, name of Mahagun India comes in mind as this coveted real estate conglomerate has single handedly managed around 25% of the projects that has been so far developed in this city. It is a part of prestigious Mahagun India that is known for its majestic work in infrastructural and industrial development. At present, the group has about Rs 10,000 crore annual turnover and a large network of companies in the field of hydro power, hospitality, educational institution and cement. Mahagun India started functioning in the year 2000 and so far has carved a niche for itself by developing international standard commercial and residential buildings. Mahagun Mantra is the latest venture of this coveted group that will be developed amidst enchanting surroundings of Noida Extension. Location of the project is outstanding and promises for a great access to all major places of Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) via Noida Expressway.

The entire society of Mahagun Mantra plush township is covered by natural elegance so as to provide calm and pleasant ambience to the residents. Pleasant atmosphere and eco-friendly living has become the trade mark of Mahagun India as every project of this coveted developer comes with a blend of these two exotic features. In addition, architectural style and design of the apartments provides exquisite area for living as well as enjoying free time. Wide open balcony facing towards the lush green landscape give you a feel of natural elegance whenever you come out of the apartment. Close proximity with proposed metro station in Noida, ensures easy connectivitis to metro and transports via Noida Expressway for standard living. Apartments in Mahagun Mantra Noida are available with the options of 2 BHK and 3 BHK so that middle income person can get a world class living place at affordable price of Rs 30.90* lacs.

Residences at this plush township have been developed on the land area of 1025 and 1200 square feet (2 BHK) and 1400 square feet (3 BHK). Booking price for the apartment is only Rs 4 lacs which provides a great investment option to entry level investors. This housing project has a great neighborhood of Green crest homes, Bougainvilleas plots and other world class residential societies etc. Mahagun India has left no stone unturned while developing this residential society and brought together a team of qualified real estate experts and architects who have apt experience in the real estate field. Although, the project is available at low price rate, it is embellished with all luxurious facilities. Some of the amenities that you will avail at Mahagun Mantra Noida Extension are, landscape gardens, basketball court, children’s play area, pool table, jogging track, multipurpose hall etc.

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Mahagun Mantra Noida An Upcoming Unique Project

Get ready to experience ultra luxurious lifestyle as the renowned real estate developer Mahagun India now has planned to develop an international standard housing society. Named as Mahagun Mantra, this residential project is an attempt to start new trend of luxurious living in the city of Noida. It boasts of such kind of features that people want to explore and enjoy whenever they enter into a living place. Mahagun India has a vast experience in constructing well designed and quality approved infrastructure since its inception in the year 2005. Each project of this renowned organization is developed with a vision of quality and timely delivery. So far, this group has done a remarkable job in turning people’s dream houses into reality. Entire real estate market of Noida and investors put the projects of Mahagun India on the priority list as it provides excellent features and high return on investment. Moreover, every project is planned differently from the previous one, which makes sure the innovative design and fresh style.

This latest residential project of Mahagun India will be developed amidst enchanting location of Sector 10 Noida that has nowadays consider as the most exotic location of Delhi-NCR region for real estate development. Easy accessibility to well known places and pollution free surroundings are the sole reason because of which people are giving preference to this location. The developers have chosen this location with the aim of providing comfortable living experience to the people who travel extensively for business purpose or any other reason. At Mahagun Mantra Noida, they will get hassle free commuting and serene atmosphere. Entire society of this new age housing society is covered by lush green landscapes and aesthetically designed water bodies which ensures to create fresh and healthy ambience, ideal for living. Certified green buildings of Mahagun Mantra will be constructed as per the architectural design prepared by renowned architect - Hafeez Contractor.

In addition, the landscape covering the entire society has been designed by US based LSG architect which ensures the quality development at this mega housing society. High ceiling apartment with the options of 2 and 3 BHK will be developed here. Each apartment will comprise of insulated roofs in order to make sure optimum utilization of natural daylight, suitable for energy conservation. Spacious drawing room adjoining to the dining area flaunts an unparallel style. And, the lavish bedrooms with nature inviting balconies are ready to take you to the world of utmost comfort. The developers have fitted all apartments with VRV air-conditioning system, except toilet, servant room & kitchen. As far as the facilities are concerned, Mahagun Mantra Noida Extension is first of its kind residential housing society in Delhi-NCR region. Unisex Saloon, Well equipped gymnasium, spa operated by renowned brand is something that will surely give you a feel of ultimate luxury.

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Move on to Your Mahagun Mywoods Noida Extension

Mahagun Mywoods is perhaps the synonym of royal life. It is celebrated as the hub of extra ordinary sky kissing apartments of Noida. Mahagun India offers you the tickets to step into the wonderful world of Mahagun Mywoods. So, all you have to do is to dream big and leave the rest on the Mahagun India. They will not only serve all your basic necessities but also will cosset your royal desires and that too in an inexpensive price.

Mahgun is very much into property, a different vision of things. They are not under the pressure of time. Time is their friend. They utilize time to innovate and to leave the rest of the world speechless. Their uphill struggle has won the heart of the people. They supply what they commit and that too before the proposed day. Therefore they are enjoying the reputation of the honest company in every term. They do not comprise with quality. They research, they calculate, they work hard and produce the best. Therefore both the domestic and foreign investees are showing interest to invest in their project. Mahagun India is assuring at least 60% profit to each investee. You can rely upon them and can easily give them the chance to impress you.

The sky kissing apartments of Mahagun Mywoods Noida are stretching their arms encompassing a vast landscape. You can have the flats with 2 bedrooms or the 3 bedrooms and the 4 bedrooms as per your wish. You will get a kitchen, a study room and also a large hall space with your bedrooms. Your brand new nest will be facilitated with centralized air conditioning system, power supplying system, power back up system and water harvesting system for twenty four hours. You can use the enclosed car paring bay with the elevator within the premises.

The eco friendly atmosphere of this place will soothe you and will lead you to taste the solace. There is hardly any noise indoors. You can even hear the sound of peace dropping down slowly in the Mahagun Mywoods Noida. The beautiful garden of this place will remind you the Garden of Eden. You can taste the beauty of this garden like the lamb of Good Shepherd instead of suffering like a forbidden soul. You can swim out all your pessimism in the water of the large swimming pool and can energize yourself with lot of positivity. The cafeterias are offering you kick off your agonies by sipping a cup of hot coffee. You will get the chance to socialite with each other in the club houses and party harder.

Mahagun Mywoods is located at Sector 75 in Noida. This place is celebrated as the most happening place of Northern India. This is just 5 kilometers away from the metro station and 20 kilometers away from the railway station. Therefore, you will get a direct access to the places like schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, city parks and temples of the city from Mahagun Mywoods Noida Extension.
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Krasa Centrade Business Park Noida Will Boost Your Professional Life

Work place is known as our second home since we are spending more than half of a day in our work office. Therefore the atmosphere of the office plays a major role in our life. Centrade Business Park is the ideal address for you if you are looking for a perfect office place to start your new venture. Equipped with extraordinary office place Krasa Centrade Business Park has stretched its arms at sector 140 Noida.

Noida is already celebrating as one the most happening area of northern India and one the best hub of residential as well as the commercial places. Noida has come up with an innumerable yet extraordinary job offers and therefore 50,000 migrated families have already settled down to this place. Krasa Centrade Business Park has introduced a business friendly atmosphere to Noida in order to inspire you to make you own bench mark in the professional world. This place will also facilitate you with the Business Experts. You can take the Business Experts’ opinions and step forward to achieve your goals. You do not have to spend a lump some amount of money to buy the devices like telephones, fax machines. Centrade Business Park Noida will allow you to use their devices as well as their labs and libraries. Therefore all you have to book a plot in Krasa Centrade Business Park and leave the responsibilities on the officials of this place. They value your dream. They are ready to nourish your potentialities and inspire you to taste the success.

You will be blessed with ultra modern office suits that will compliment your stylish personality. An independent lockable office offered by the Krasa Centrade Business Park Noida will keep safe all your confidential documents along with all the important accessories. This place will offer you a large conference room that will help you to accommodate a large number of people while doing vital meetings. Centrade Business Park Noida will facilitate your brand new office with WI FI system, extra ordinary internet facilities and power back up system for twenty four hours. The officials of this place can arrange CCTVs and Video cameras in your office and security guards for twenty four hours outside your office in order to ensure you a tight security surrounding your office if you feel favorable.

Located in 140, Noida, Krasa Centrade Business Park will ensure you a direct access to Delhi, Agra and Uttar Pradesh. You can move to anywhere of this city easily since this place is nearer to the metro station as well as the airport. This place is also well equipped with a great transport system. Therefore neither your employees nor your clients will face any kind of trouble to reach your office. Though Krasa Centrade Business Park is ruling over the most happening part of Noida, it is closer to the earthquake area. Therefore the officials have already equipped your office place with all the precautionary amenities in order to prevent such calamities and keep your office safe. All you have to do is to contact with the officials of Centrade Business Park in order to boost your work spirit.

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Mahagun Mantra Noida A Premium Address of Happiness and Modern Lifestyle

Mahagun Mantra is celebrated as the latest luxury address in Greater Noida. At present, Noida is coming up with innumerable job offers. Therefore, people from different cities even from different countries are trying to get settled over there. Mahagun India is trying to offer a home like atmosphere to these migrated people so that they can get accustomed with this new land soon. Mahagun Mantra will work like a magic mantra to transform your ordinary life into a royal life. This place is known as a hub of well furnished 2BHK and 3BHK apartments. Mahagun Mantra will serve all your basic needs along with pampering your royal dreams. They are giving you the license to dream high. All you have to do is dream big and leave the rest on them. They will take the responsibility to fulfill all your dreams and that too in an affordable price. You do not have to waste a large amount of money to buy such big dreams because Mahagun India values the emotions of middle class people.

Standing high at Yamuna expressway in Sector 10 Noida Extention, Mahagun Mantra offers you the direct access to Delhi, Agra and Uttar Pradesh along with all the famous places of this city such as the school, colleges, hospitals, city parks, shopping malls and night clubs. Yamuna Expressway is nearer to the proposed metro station. You can move to any of your desired pace from here easily since this place is enjoying a great communication system. Though Mahagun Mantra is located in a happening area of city is closer to the earth quake area. Therefore Mahagun India has already equipped their Mahagun Mantra Noida with all the precautionary facilities in order to keep the inhabitants safe. They are also taking care of the security of their inhabitants and so they have already arranged security guards for twenty four hours and have placed video cameras and CCTVs in each floor.

Mahagun India is offering you the 2BHK and 3BHK apartments with the living rooms, kitchens, studies, hall spaces, car parking area and elevator. Mahagun Mantra will change your life with its magic wand. You can taste style, comfort, luxury and diversity at one sip. Mahagun India is planning to introduce the schools, colleges, hospitals and shopping malls within the premises. Therefore you will not even have to step out of your very own abode to serve your purposes. This place is already facilitated with a large swimming pool, kids playing zone, cafeteria and club house within the enclosed bay. You can swim out all your stress in the water of the pool and energies your soul with optimism inspired by the eco friendly nature of this place. You can kick of all your worries with a cup of coffee and your favorite beverages in the cafeteria. The club house will pamper the party animal within you and will inspire you to act a little naughty with the top class wines. So do not waste time because Mahagun Mantra Noida Extension is eagerly waiting to kiss your feet.

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Supertech ORB Noida

Supertech ORB comes up as the dream destination for people, who want luxury to surround them at every point of time. The group has presented these impeccable and revitalized homes in its 50 acre residential complex in sector 74 Noida. The project showcases utmost sophistication in its round shaped three high rise towers that resemble opulence, radiance and brilliance. These are 46 storey towers that offer 3/4 BHK apartments available in 1980 to 4210 sq. ft. These spacious apartments not just confine the residents to astounding interiors and designs but also ensure refreshing views all around. The adjoining 100* acres city park gives better surroundings to this exclusively designed project by Supertech Limited. This project seems perfect for everyone, who finds elegance and luxury as the priorities while buying a home Supertech ORB is located next to the residential project Cape Town, which also comes from Supertech Limited Noida. The decision of buying these comfy homes can take you to the ride of joy that can rejuvenate each day.

Supertech ORB sector- 74 Noida is planned with the view to match the growing expectations of the home buyers in Noida. The apartments in ORB are more of future homes that will influence every home buyer to come and stay here. This is due to the modern amenities available here including Gym, Spa, Solar heated Swimming Pool along with Wi-Fi connectivity, high speed elevators and advanced security system. The comfort associated to these homes does not only lie in the facilities but also in the astonishing and conspicuous architecture. The cause for this delight is its renowned interior designer, Twinkle Khanna, who has instilled all the best designed in this development. Further, the beautiful moat & lake in Supertech ORB take the enhancement of this project to another level. Offering best in terms of neighborhood, facilities and infrastructure, this Supertech project Noida is an evident choice for people in need of ultra-modern homes in Noida.
Source: Supertech ORB Noida
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